Audax and Sportive

Audax (Latin for bold) is a non-competitive long distance cycling discipline in which a rider aims to reach control points situated at various locations (usually within a cafe) throughout the ride and to have his Brevet (control) card stamped to prove his or her passage.

The most common distances ridden in this country are 100km and 200km although some events can be of 600km and beyond!

Audax rides can be ridden by an individual, or as is often the case within our club, as a group ride such as that found during a regular club run.

British Audax events are all published on the Audax UK calendar and are truly nationwide with events being held throughout the British Isles so you can rest assured that there will be an Audax event fairly close to wherever you live.

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Similarly, Sportive events are becoming very popular and are held over varying distances and normally use both very challenging and scenic routes which can test the ability of the rider to the limit.

Sportive events are timed rides with all riders carrying a small electronic transponder which enables the event organiser to publish the finishing times of every competitor.

Competition between club mates can be fierce, though good humoured, with each rider wishing to post the quickest time of the day.

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