Lyme Racing Club has coaching for all ages from very young to OAPs, with British Cycling Level 1 Coaches, Level 2 Coaches, also qualified Level 2 MTB, Level 2 Road/TT, Level 2 Track, we also have Level 3 Track and Level 3 Road/TT Coaches. Giving Lyme RC some of the best Coaches in the country.

The Level 1 Coaches and Level 2 Coaches coach groups of riders, Level 3 Coaches are able to help individuals with both skills and training plans as well as group sessions.

Dustbin Training 

Summer Mondays at St John Fisher High School 6.30pm.

The training will give you the confidence and skill required to ride in a bunch and to stay in the bunch safely, without getting pushed around. Too look around like a meerkat, too watch backs instead of wheels, too fight for your place, too be able to go for that gap, TOO WIN THE FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also we go over corning safely, bike handling skills, this is for all ages. We do run a smaller circuit for new riders


.” DUSTBIN TRAINING" is a system developed over many years by Roy Swinnerton using dustbins as he did not have any cones, we have cones, but the name still stays.


 Wednesdays- Fixed Wheel sessions at Newcastle Velodrome

May-September, please look at the calendar for August, if wet the session is cancelled.

 The First session is for Novice Track Riders starting at 6.15pm, please try and be there at 6.00pm if you require a hire bike.

 This session is for new riders to the track and for riders with little experience of the track.

Fixed wheel only this year, no Freewheelers on Wednesday this year only on a Friday.

The Second session starting at 7.15pm is for more experienced riders who ride the track league or of that experience or been moved up from the novice group.

 The price for each night has gone up a little to last year, under 18's £2.00 and over 18's £3.00, this is to cover extra fees to the football club. Also bike hire for over 18's £3.00, under 18's are still free.

Friday Go Ride Session Lyme Valley

For the first few weeks this session will be held on the grass outside the track gates and may also be on the velodrome depending on access. If the track is wet then we may use the grass.

Also Grasstrack and MTB skills, please look at the calender for information.

This is for riders aged under 16 and will teach them the skills required to race on the track. All new riders to the track aged 6-10years are required to attend these sessions prior to racing at the Freewheelers League. All news riders aged 11-16 years are advised to attend these sessions to improve their skills prior to riding the league.

 All so Fridays Under 14's Fixed wheel May-September 7.00pm

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