Mountain Biking

 Mountain biking has rapidly become one of the fastest growing disciplines in cycling with various formats of the sport all covered by one tag. The Lyme Racing Club are involved in all aspects of mountain biking, whether it be twenty four hour racing, downhill racing or simply a leisurely trek through the woods with the kids in tow.
However, should you like it and wish to ride with us again, then we would expect you to join our club. We cater for riders of all abilities and ages with guides all regularly CRB checked in line with the British Cycling Go-Ride scheme. 
To help you prepare for a ride here are a few tips:
- Helmets are compulsory, no helmet, no ride!
- Bring suitable clothing
- Carry a spare tube and a pump along with any food and drink you might need.
- Be polite and considerate to other trail users, after all they want to enjoy their day out as well.
Types of MTB
XC or Cross Country is the backbone of mountain biking and covers everything from trail rides to 24 hour endurance events. XC is currently the only area of mountain biking to be an Olympic sport.
DH or Downhill is one of the most demanding disciplines of mountain biking, pushing both rider and bike to their limits. A downhill course can range from about 1 minute up to 5 minutes long and offers the ultimate in speed and control using specially designed bikes with the rider wearing body armour and a compulsory full face helmet for protection.
4X or Four Cross has evolved from a mix of XC/DH/DJ and is a fast sport whereby four riders start together on a special track of approximately 800 metres in length and is comprised of a steep descent with tight bermed turns and huge jumps which all makes for action packed, dramatic racing.
BMX, DJ or Dirt Jump, although not common practice in our club can provide good training for trail riding with riders using small dirt jump parks to hone their aerial techniques.

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