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Great Britain Cycling Team - The Performance Pathway

Lyme Racing Club are part of the British Cycling Pathway, with GO-RIDE coaching sessions, Lyme RC Coaches running Club Cluster Sessions and RSR'S we also have coaches working with riders on the ODP 
"The Great Britain Cycling Team supports Go-Ride clubs that have made a commitment to ensure that the development of young riders is at the forefront of club activity"


Great Britain Cycling Team - The Performance Pathway

The Great Britain Cycling Team's goal is to win world and Olympic medals across all disciplines.

This will be achieved by identifying, confirming and developing riders through six stages.

Olympic Podium Programme (OPP)

The pinnacle of the performance pathway, the Olympic Podium Programme is dedicated to supporting highly skilled elite cyclists as they aim to win medals in major competitions, such as European, world and Olympic championships.

Riders are full-time on the programme and generally based near the team's Manchester headquarters. Riders may also be members of professional (trade) teams, receiving additional support from the programme.

Olympic Academy Programme (OAP)

The Academy is the finishing school that fine tunes athletes to make the jump to the senior programme and prepares them for graduation onto the Olympic Podium Programme. The Academy is a full-time residential programme, based primarily at the National Cycling Centre and is designed for riders aged 18-23 years old.


Olympic Development Programme (ODP)

The focus here is for riders, typically aged 15-17 years, to develop their skills strategies and fitness to cope with the demands of racing. Recruitment onto the ODP is selective, and progress is continuously monitored.

ODP riders receive discipline specific coaching from Great Britain Cycling Team coaches, individual training programmes, a structured race programme, and support and education from GBCT’s performance support team.

More information on the Olympic Development Programme


Olympic Development Apprentices (ODA)

This programme is aimed to support young riders typically aged 14-15 years with the transition into the junior ranks by further developing their skills both on and off the bike.

More information on Olympic Development Apprentices


Regional Schools of Racing (RSR)

Riders aged typically between 14-16 years who perform well and show promise at their club and in regional competition can be nominated for a Regional School of Racing (RSR).

During an RSR, riders are coached and educated as part of a select group of riders from their region.

More information on Regional Schools of Racing


Club Clusters of Training (CCT)

The Great Britain Cycling Team supports Go-Ride clubs that have made a commitment to ensure that the development of young riders is at the forefront of club activity.

They are safe and effective way for young riders to develop their skills and can be found in each region. Club Clusters of Training are aimed at riders aged 12-16.

More information on Club Clusters of Training

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Sport Relief Rollers Challenge, all the sponsorship money is now in, you all helped to raise £706.00 on the Challenge, well done to all the riders and the sponsors. Raising money and training at the same time :) 

Well done to, Sam H, Brad, Tracey, Alex W, Louis, Harry S, Harry B, Thomas, Joel, Caleb, Izaak, Aston, Alex C, Josh, Andrew, Sam W, Tom and Amelie who rode the rollers with rollers in her hair;also had to keep silent for 10 min. We also had a few who could not make tonight and have completed their challenge at home. Well done to all.

Youth Racing Track, Road and MTB Information

Hello Parents and Youth Riders.
I have put together this guide which is aimed at Youth A and B riders, 13 to 16 year olds but it includes information on races for all ages as most circuit races are open to all ages. Track tend to be from 10 years old, but please check the event to see the ages involved.
For Younger Riders it Does not cover British Cycling GO-RIDE Racing Events or BSCA (British School Cycling Association) Events which are aimed at younger riders, I will put some more information out in the next couple of weeks for these ages for riders who are not already racing. GO-RIDER Racing Events and BSCA do cover all Youth ages but if you are racing regularly riders will not find them very challenging.



All under 16’s Road Races are on closed road “Circuits”, local ones are at Darley Moor (nr Ashbourne) Curborough (nr Lichfield)and Sundorne (Shrewsbury). Other West Midlands Circuits are Tudor Grange (Solihull), Victoria Park (Leamington Spa), Stourport. In the North West circuits are at Preston, Blackpool, Ashton under Lyne and Lancaster (Salt Ayre).  Darley Moor is also in the East Midlands along with Mallory Park. If you do a search on the British Cycling website and it is not one of these then it is probably a GO-RIDE Racing event and on a grass field or car park.

Races coming up locally are:-

Curbourough 10th May, Sundorne 11th, Sundorne 15th May, Darley Moor 17th May, Curbourough 31st May, Stourport 7th June, Darley Moor 7th June, Sundorne 8th June, Sundorne 19th June, Curbourough 21st June, Curbourough 25th June, Tudor  Grange 29th June.

Track Racing

Local Track Bike (fixed wheel) racing takes place at Newcastle Velodrome. The Track League is on a Thursday night. The other outdoor Velodromes are at Wolverhampton (Wednesdays Nights) and Halesowen (Friday Nights). These run from May until early September. The indoor Velodromes at Manchester and next year at Derby run track leagues over the winter, to race these you have to go through an accreditation process before you can race the track league. (If want to race the winter track leagues then I can talk over the process with you).

The West Midlands Youth Omniums are run using the three outdoor velodromes, this year May 17th Newcastle (enter by May 3rd). Halesowen 1st June (enter by 24th May) and Wolverhampton 14th June (Enter by 6th June).

Bikes with Freewheels have their own racing at Newcastle on League nights from 6.10pm, this is starter racing, and no licence is required.


There are very few Youth MTB races, Midland XC and XCE are run over the Midlands, these have different race categorises that Youth riders can race at different ages, a BC licence is not required, but if not used points are not gained. (Please ask for more information on MTB races and I can go through the options) Due to the lack of events riders are also likely to race the National MTB Series at Local rounds and also the Welsh MTB Series, a BC licence is required for these.

Youth Race Category’s   Circuit and Track

For British Cycling events these are based on your age on the 31st Jan, for 2014 these are:-

Youth E Under 8 born in 2006 or later

Youth D Under 10 born in 2004 or 2005

Youth C Under 12 born in 2002 or 2003

Youth B Under 14 born in 2000 or 2001

Youth A Under 16 born in 1998 or 1999



Membership of British Cycling (BC) is required to obtain a Race Licence for most Circuit and Track Events, you can sometimes buy a day licence but that is not always the case. The membership also gives you access to the BC booking system on the website to book on to events that require advanced booking.

If you are a Lyme RC member and have not been a BC member before you get your FIRST Years Membership and race licence for free.

Link for membership:-

You do not require a licence or membership for a GO-RIDE RACING event, these are events are for riders who have not raced before, they tend to be aimed at under 12’s and younger.

You may search for events using the BC website where information most youth races are available:-

This link is made by using West Midlands, East Midlands, Track, Road, MTB and Youth as the criteria.

Youth Gear Restrictions

A guide for riders and parents

This guide aims to provide information and practical guidance on youth gear restrictions

Why have gear restrictions?

                      It ensures all riders compete together on a fair and equal standing.

                      It helps to reduce the risk of overuse injuries and avoid strength imbalances in young riders; it may also help riders to develop good pedaling technique.

                      It encourages young riders to race using tactics as opposed to using bigger gears to go faster. This will help to support the riders in learning new techniques which they will need throughout their competitive career.

What are the restrictions?

                                     Road Racing    Track           Roller

Youth A       Under 16   6.93m               6.93m          7.93m

Youth B       Under 14   6.45m                6.45m           7.4m

Youth C       Under 12   6.05m               6.05m              6.94m

Youth D      Under 10   5.4 metres for all events

Youth E       Under 8      5.1 metres for all events

This the Max Gear size for more information



Most of the  members in the club agree that wearing club kit is the best way of promoting the club, our many achievements and attracting new members. It also helps to promote our sponsors (which is why only current club kit is recognised), who provide the club with continued support throughout the year. Finally, if you can't afford club kit or can't wear it for any other reason (e.g. doesn't fit,etc.) there is the option to wear a neutral, plain kit that doesn't promote any other club / team / sponsor other than our own. The simple message is...if you’re a member of the club, show that you’re a member of the club!

If you require more guidance on club kit please ask………………..

LYME RC Coaching

Dustbin Training (Mondays)

To get you up to speed and improve bike handling, cornering and bunch riding skills. The training will give you the confidence and skill required to ride in a bunch and to stay in the bunch safely, without getting pushed around. Too look around like a meerkat, too watch backs instead of wheels, too fight for your place, too be able to go for that gap, TOO WIN THE FIGHT

Dustbin Training is recommended for all disciplines Road, Track and MTB

Lyme RC Track Night (Wednesdays)

Track training and skills from novice to expert.

GO-RIDE Fridays

A lot of these sessions are not only aimed at very young riders but coach skills that are required for MTB, Track and road racing. Please look on the website calendar to see what is on week to week as these sessions change on a week to week basis. .

Winter Coaching

Over the winter we run, Turbo sessions, Rollers Session, Roller Racing and Wattbike Racing. We also have lectures on various cycling items including training, what races to go in, nutrition and also have experts to come and give lectures on subjects.

Other Coaching Track

Lyme RC is part of the Newcastle Track Cycling Association (NTCA) that runs Newcastle Velodrome with other member clubs.  

NTCA run coaching sessions on Mondays (Novice and Under 18’s), Tuesday (expert sprint and endurance), more information on the Lyme RC website.


Lyme RC is one of only 9 clubs that form the club cluster; all are GO-RIDE Accredited. These clubs work together with help from BC to produce a higher level of coaching. Only members from these Clubs including Lyme RC, Youth A and B, are put forward to RSR’S (Regional School of Racing) which is part of the BC Talent Team Racing Pathway for MTB, Road and Track sessions. Riders are selected by club coaches and their information goes to a forum of coaches who make the final selection, Lyme RC is very active in this.

For Track We have just run a series of Cluster Club Sessions, the idea of these sessions is to bring riders on for racing and when Derby Velodrome opens will lead to accretion for Darby and the other indoor Velodromes. The coaching is lead by West Midlands Club Coaches; all the coaches are from GO-RIDE Accredited Clubs of which Lyme RC is one of the 9 in the West Midlands. The sessions are open to 10 years to 15 year old riders who are not on RSR'S. Novice riders upwards. More dates in the next few weeks.

At Manchester Track at the moment BC are running some Club Cluster Sessions Entry is capped to 40 riders, will open the morning after the last session and will be closed at 12am on the day of the session to maintain rider safety. Entry is on a first come first served basis, these sessions will have a primary fitness focus for the evening and will include progressive training exercises driven by challenging the physical and technical needs of Youth A racing cyclists. This is for experienced riders only and is aimed at performance, if you are not up to speed you will get sent back to the club with a report. Please ask for some information and if I think you are OK before booking on. Dates are on the BC website.

For Road at the moment on certain Wednesdays a club cluster session takes place at Curborough. We had a few riders who did these last year and really brought them on over the summer, they are every other week this year. The sessions will again be for youth A and B riders, plus jun women, but this year will take place every other week to reduce the burden of and allow the riders to also support other activities that take place on Wednesday’s. The sessions start on 2nd April and the dates are as follows:-

April 2nd,16th, 30th;  May 14th 28th; June 11th 25th  ; July 9th 23rd ; Aug 6th 20th;  Sept 3rd 17th.

All sessions will start at 6.30 and run till around 8pm (conditions permitting). Riders are expected to be independent and self-sufficient so should have enough drink and food to see them through the session plus spare tube, tyre levers, multi tool and pump as you would if riding on the road. Helmets and gloves are naturally also required and normally we wouldn't expect to see 'skin' until the temperature exceeds 16 degrees!


If I have missed something in this article then please ask.


Norman Bassett Club Coach Lyme RC


Additional information