Time Trialing

Time trialling is the simplest of competitive formats: a race against the clock, with riders starting a minute apart. It's known as the 'race of truth' because there's nowhere to hide, no one to draft behind; just you and the bike and the thumping of your heart. Oh, and a clock ticking.

Most events are fixed distance, being 10,25,50 or 100 miles. There are also fixed time events -12 and 24 hours -with the objective being to ride the furthest you can. Courses are on public roads and are either 'out and back', using a roundabout to turn halfway, or circuits with consecutive left turns. You can take part on any roadworthy bike except a recumbent.

There are two types of individual time trials:-

(1) Open Events.
All Open events in
England and Wales are listed in the CTT Handbook available in January each year. These events require an entry form to be completed and posted off to the event organiser with the necessary entry fee, before the closing date (usually about 12 days before the event.) The organiser issues a start sheet, either by post or by email, in the days before the event. This start sheet will list all the riders and their start times, the headquarters, and the prizes on offer. On race day the rider will sign on and pin their race number to the back of the vest before riding to the start line.

Most events can be entered on line using the CTT Website, LINK

(2) Club Events
Club events are basically ‘enter on the line race’, with a reduced entry fee. There are usually no prizes or result sheets. These events mostly take place in the evening, using a recognised course. While these Club events do not count towards any Lyme Racing Club awards (they do count towards Juvenile Awards), riders must keep record of their times as they must be included when filling in the entry form for Open events. As in Open events riders have to ‘sign on’ and attach on their vest the number provided.

Local Club event's are on Wednesday's from April until end of August at Tean and Crewe.

CREWE 10TT 2016 Information The Crewe Course has changed for 2016

 TEAN 10TT 2016 Information

  (3) Open Team Time Trials.

 A number of these Open events are held throughout the season. Mostly 2 or 4 members in a team, they are commonly referred to as 2-up or 4-up time trials. In the former it is the last person over the line that determines the team’s time. In a 4-up it will be the third rider to cross the finish line. To enable the timekeeper to identify riders of the same team, all riders in the team must wear similar vests.

 GHS National Championship, Riders who have attained 12 years of age on the day of the District Championship but, are under 17 years of age on the 31st August in the year of the competition. All entrants must ride in the name of their school or affiliated club. ENTRANTS CAN ONLY RIDE IN THE DISTRICT WHERE THEIR CLUB IS AFFILIATED OR THEIR SCHOOL IS LOCATED. The Lyme area is Manchester District, qualifier is normally in April.

For information on the events our members are taking part in please take a look at our FORUM

Information on Lyme RC Timetrial Awards


All riders under 18 years of age in both Open and Club events must wear an approved helmet and also submit a signed Parental Consent Form with their entry in the case of Open events, or on the night to the organiser for Club events. To take part in any time trial held on the public highway a rider must be aged 12 years of age or over on the day of the event. A rider is classed as a Juvenile until their 16th birthday, and then as a Junior until 31st December of the year in which their 18th birthday occurs.

Entry forms for Open events, which include Time Trials, Team Time Trials, Hill Climbs and also a Parental Consent form can be downloaded by left clicking on:- The CTT Documents Page

 Parental consent form for under 18 years of age for Club events:- Link to Under 18's 


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