Lyme Club Coaching Session Venues

Lyme Club Coaching Session Venues

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St John Fisher High School, Ashfields New Rd, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 2SJ

Used for Dustbin Training, GO-RIDE sessions and Circuit Coaching.
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Google Maps LINK to ST5 2SJ ... 2f0b8aed6e

Newcastle Track/Velodrome AND Lyme Valley Parkway, Buckmaster Ave, Newcastle. ST5 3BX
The Velodrome is used Fixedwheel Track and Freewheel Coaching, Track Racing, Track League etc. 400.05Meters at the datum line and 28/27' Banking.
The Lyme Valley Park Way is used for GO-RIDE Coaching , Grass Track Coaching, MTB Coaching, Hoilday/Activity Days, CycloCross Coaching.
The Pump track is used for MTB and Cyclocross Coaching.

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Link to Google Maps for Lyme Valley ... 201051,17z

Newcastle Community Fire Station, Knutton Lane, Newcastle under Lyme,ST5 2SL

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A link to Google Maps for the Fire Station ... d2!6m1!1e1

Just to remind anyone attending any of the club's roller sessions at the Community Fire Station, it is vital that the following rules are read, understood and adhered to:
• Bikes must be clean before entering the building
• Bikes must be carried, not wheeled, when inside the station
• Avoid leaning bikes against the walls – arriving and leaving in a timely manner for sessions will avoid this (see Facebook updates for specific timings)
• Cleats are to be worn on bikes only and not whilst walking around the station (even if visiting the loo)
• Children must not run around or climb in the building
• Children must remain in the upstairs community area, not in the area by the entrance
• Noise levels must be kept to a minimum (avoid screaming and shouting) as other community groups may be using the facilities
• Blinds and windows must not be opened or closed by the children – ask an adult
• Kitchen not to be entered by the children – ask an adult
• Any children eating or drinking, who are not taking part in the roller sessions, must be seated in the area by the kitchen
• All litter must be placed in the bins provided
• Any mess must be cleared up immediately by the parent/individual
• Any damage must be reported to the Lyme RC representative by the parent/individual

Please bring a mat, carpet run etc to put under the bikes to protect the bikes.


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