K46/10 Sat 30th September 2017

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K46/10 Sat 30th September 2017

Postby barrie » Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:06 pm

K46/10 VC Savele Nr Malvern

A little late to post this but thought I would add it any way.
The course is an out and back of 4.5 miles out and 5.5miles back on the A38 which is a single carriageway road which narrows a little in parts making it difficult for cars to overtake at times

The start is on a quite side lane off the main road about 400yards in, at about 60 yards from the junction with the A38 it is a steep decent to the 90 degree junction, once on the main road you are on a steep hill for say 500 yards to the top, I was given a tip at the HQ to be in the right gear when you pull onto the A38 otherwise you have a problem. Once to the top of the hill it is down for say half a mile [not great on the return] then undulating to the turn.
A longish drag to the turn roundabout (junction with M50) and retrace the out leg back .
At half way out and of course the same back is a busy cross roads with a warning on the course details to ‘take care’ [A38 has major right of way but the adjoining side road can be busy] – on the return leg a car in the side road pulled up to the junction, I was close enough to see him looking both ways, he looked at me turned his head then he pulled out, fortunately I had sort of anticipated this so quickly went on the base bars, piled on the breaks and somehow side skidded (speedway turn) around the back of him, missing the car by 5mm. Scrubbed a large chunk of rubber of my new rear tub which was the most annoying point. Continuing on and after the drag past the turn you go down quite a steep section with a double sharp 90 degree turn more than a bend on the way down {double white lines in the road}, continue on for say a quarter mile through the village to the finish.
It was raining heavily on the way down but fortunately it had stopped at the event and stayed off until I got back to the HQ, unfortunatly a strong wind during the afternoon which was not helpful on the return making the second half hard work, however overall an enjoyable ride for this part of the season.

Result 24:31 – a middle of the field time - not too disappointed with that for the conditions and new course

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Re: K46/10 Sat 30th September 2017

Postby lubbylegs » Fri Oct 13, 2017 9:27 am

Thanks Barrie,

How do you manage such detail :) From nearly 2 weeks ago!

Great info for anyone thinking of doing the course for the first time.

See you,

Dave S.
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