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Lyme Racing Club

Club Policies

Below are some of the policies that Lyme Racing Club operate.

Code Of Conduct:

The code is no more than a formalisation of the basic principals of decency, road safety and common sense that the club would expect from all its members and covers how its members should act when riding on a club ride.

The club also expects its members to respect all parts of the code affecting other road users when riding solo in club colours.

When riding as a club we have obligations: to the club to behave in a manner that represents it in a good light, to ourselves in terms of our own safety and wellbeing, and more importantly to our fellow club members by assuring that our behaviour does not threaten the safety of others and promotes wellbeing and fellowship.

Please take the time to read through the full version of the code of conduct before your first ride with us.

Social Media Policy:

The social media policy is a set of guidelines for club members on the best practice when using social media as Lyme Racing Club or part of the community of Lyme Racing Club.

The social media policy should help us to be a family orientated and friendly club for all.